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WordPress Plugins Explained For Newbies

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WordPress Plugins Explained!

Take care of your Plugins and your Plugins will take care of your WordPress website!

This course  focuses uniquely on WordPress Plugins one of the five main features of the WordPress platform including Dashboard, Themes, Visual Editor and Widgets. WordPress Dashboard, Themes, Visual Editor and Widgets will be presented in subsequent courses. The course is presented in three brief lectures: 1) A general overview of WordPress Plugins; 2) Managing Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard Plugins admin page and 3) Troubleshooting issues with Plugins. The course is an introductory course designed for busy, on-the-go, non-technical people who are just getting started with WordPress and are searching for a better understanding of how Plugins work very quickly. The course walks you through the process of searching, selecting, installing and activating and troubleshooting issues with WordPress Plugins needed to get your site functioning to your liking.

Learning Objectives:

  1. At the end of the three-lessons course students will be able to search, select, install and activate the type, quality and selection of plugins needed to give their WordPress site a professional look and feel.
  2. At the end of the three-lessons course students will also be able to troubleshoot and fix issues with their site that maybe caused by plugin errors.

What You will Learn?

Lecture One: Overview of WordPress Plugins

  • What are WordPress Plugins?
  • What are the functions of plugins?
  • The WordPress platform that uses plugins
  • Types of plugins
  • Where to find plugins
  • Issues with plugins

Lecture Two: The WordPress Dashboard Plugins Admin Page

  • Managing plugins
  • Searching for plugins
  • Activating plugins
  • WordPress plugins directory

Lesson Three: Troubleshooting plugin related issues

  • Problem logging into your site
  • Site is slow to load
  • Site is unresponsive
  • Widgets are not being displayed properly
  • Live webpage is a blank screen (also know as the White screen of death

What you need to know before starting the course?
Students will have basis knowledge of platform, access to the internet, and a desire to take their WordPress site to the next level using the right selection of plugins

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WordPress Plugins Explained For Newbies

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